Hacking – the workshop of the devil!

Hacking is a term popularly used for the unauthorized access of a computer or network resources. “Hacker” is a term which was used for a very able programmer previously but in recent teams, now that multiple systems are easily accessed, the term is used in a negative sense.

In the United States and many other countries, hacking is considered a felony. Although it is not considered a crime if performed by request and under a contractual agreement between an organization and an ethical hacker. The main difference is that an ethical hacker is authorized to explore the target.

The damage which can be done by a hacker depends on the backdoor program(s) which are hidden on your PC. The amount of damage which can be done is different for different programs. However, a hacker is allowed to sneak other programs onto your computer by most.

Hackers get access to each and every file that you have on your hard disk and are able to see everything that you do on your PC. They can practically do anything to a file like writing new files, editing files or deleting them. A hacker may install a number of programs on your computer without you knowing about it. These programs are often used to steal information regarding credit cards, passwords or other personal information.

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