Data lost: go for data recovering mechanism

There may be situations when you are in an unfortunate situation of having lost important data in your computer. Well, in that case you need to urgently recover the data, which could have lost because of a virus or technical failure.

You can recover the data with the help of a professional data recovering company or professionals in data recovery. You can also install data recovery software for recovering your lost files and data. Some data recovery software can be downloaded free. However, the companies and the service providers would have certain policies regarding data recovery.

Coming to data recovery polices, you have the Recovery Agent Policy, Empty recovery policy and No Recovery policy. Recovery Agent Policy, the most common type of recovery policy, is when an administrator adds one or more recovery agents. These agents will be responsible for recovering encrypted data.

An Empty recovery policy means that no data recovery agent exists. The administrator will delete all recovery agents. The EFS is disabled if the operating system is Windows 2000. The Windows XP is the only operating system that supports EFS.

A no-recovery policy is when the administrator deletes all private keys related to a data recovering policy. As such with no private keys, data recovery is not possible. In a No Recovery policy the data recovery agents have no role.